50 Work-From-Home Jobs That Provide Equipment


All of these elements will elevate your home office to improve productivity so that you can spend more time doing what you love. It is crucial that you are comfortable while working, so the next category includes the accessories and furniture you need to make your home office work for you. Also, look for other requirements like, does it need to be noise-canceling? From things needed to work from home what I’ve read online, the Plantronics S12 Corded Telephone Headset System seems to be the preferred set for telecommuters. If you don’t have a computer at home, you may be able to go to your local library and use theirs for a short period. Most libraries will allow you to use a computer for one hour if others are waiting, or a maximum period of two hours per day.

Some of the work from home equipment Zapier provides includes computer equipment, a work from home stipend, and even a professional development allowance. Remote is a software product that makes it easy for companies to employ globally. Remote handles everything for your teams like payroll, benefits, and compliance solutions. The below collection of companies and jobs will send you the equipment you need to work from home or provide you with a stipend. But even if they don’t, the company will typically offer reimbursement or have a work from home stipend that allows you to choose your equipment and home office needs.

One mouse to rule them all

Product HuntCompany laptop, WFH set up and internet stipend, $1000 Annual Professional Development Stipend. HelpScoutIn addition to a laptop and the basics, we help fund your home office, co-working space, personal development, and more. Customer.ioWe help you set up your home office and cover your monthly internet & phone costs. We'll help set up your home office with awesome equipment and technology.

  • Being Epson's budget option it could have been poor, but instead performed excellently at text reproduction and about average on the image quality.
  • What’s cool is that 10up is a globally distributed, remote team across six continents and over twenty-nine countries!
  • But if you're working from home, you probably want headphones that can also take phone calls.
  • It puts out fairly even grounds, has multiple fittings to accommodate espresso portafilters of different sizes, and its interface is user-friendly.
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Coffee pods are a convenient way to make single cups of coffee, and you can always use a reusable filter instead of buying pods if you want to save money and reduce waste. The Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart offers coffee pod ease and app-based customizability, with multiple settings to adjust and schedule your brews. Most Bluetooth headphones can connect wirelessly to your phone or computer.

Looking for a work-from-home job?

Zapier is a workflow automation tool that helps businesses improve productivity. They hire worldwide for roles like payroll managers, backend engineers, product marketing managers, technical recruiters, customer support, and many others. 10up is a digital consultancy that provides tools, engineering assistance, and product services to companies large and small. When setting up a home office, consider what software might be useful to increase productivity.

Even the most creative workspace can become stagnant if you’re in it 24/7. When you have the chance to take a break and gain a little new perspective (whether that be in a different room or your backyard) you could be surprised by how positively it can impact your mood. Where will you keep your pens, sticky notes, paper, folders, ink, business cards, and other supplies?

FlexiSpot ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converter

The physical privacy shutter is a confidence-inspiring flourish that protects you and your office space from prying eyes. Mediavine is a full-service ad management company that hires for roles like QA engineers, marketing graphic designers, data engineers, software engineers, marketers, and more. Employees get to work remotely and get laptops and funding for their home office.

What Equipment Do You Need to Work from Home

When applying to work-from-home jobs that provide equipment, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons. Compare salaries, benefits, company work cultures, and if they offer flexible work schedules. Glassdoor and Indeed are excellent sites to check out for real-life employee testimonials and reviews.

Work From Home Jobs That Provide Equipment

Consider looking into multipurpose machines that can manage all these tasks. You'll definitely need a monitor if you have a desktop computer, but it can also be useful—and easier on your neck—to plug one into your laptop. You might also consider dual monitors, depending on the work you do. Use this checklist to develop a streamlined itemization of what you need in your home office and things to consider. Check the items you absolutely have to have, and circle those that you think you might eventually want to add.

  • Add these essentials to your home office and see how your work-from-home experience improves.
  • You don't need to spend a lot for a good typing and clicking experience either (though you certainly can).
  • World Travel Holdings is a cruise agency and travel company that hires vacation planners, villa vacation agents, travel consultants, IT product managers, software engineers, and more.
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