Advanced Development & Analysis Framework

  • Flexible development framework
  • Recording of sensor data
  • Multi-level data annotation
  • Evaluation and testing of algorithms and systems
  • Plugin-based architecture
  • Extensible and customizable through C++-SDK

Core Functions

  • Processing of sensor data
  • Visualization of 2D data
  • Visualization of 3D data
  • Comprehensive result visualization (tables, charts, overlays) 
  • Comfortable configuration of all plugins
  • Performance measurement
  • Logging
  • Recording and Playback of sensor data


  • Annotation
  • Evaluation

NISYS ADAF is a framework for prototyping, developing and evaluating algorithms and applications for sensor data processing. ADAF supports a great number of 2D, 3D, CAN and GPS sensors. The multitude of available plugins for processing, visualizing and analyzing sensor data lets the developer focus on their own algorithms and applications.

A graphical user interface for configuration and parametrization allows fast and easy design of applications. The ADAF Software Development Kit (C++) makes it possible to easily integrate new sensors and algorithms into the ADAF environment where they may be used in any number of applications and configurations.

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