Traffic Simulation

  • Real-time generation of sensor data (Video, Radar, CAN)
  • Configurable for various requirements
  • On-line scenario generation
  • Interfaces (Python, Matlab, Java...) for external configuration and control
  • Coupling with NISYS ADAF for development and validation of applications

Core functionality

  • Visualization (OpenGL,  Osg)
  • Plots
  • Configurations


  • Ethernet
  • Python / Matlab (via XML-RPC)
  • CAN bus integration

Nisys TrafficSimulation (TRS) is a simulation environment for traffic scenarios. It supports a wide range of different sensors such as video and radar sensors. The sensors allow free positioning, for example, the video sensor in the ego vehicle. Simultaneous operation of multiple sensors of the same type allow are supported.  Nisys TrafficSimulation is the ideal platform, whose rich fields of application span from the development and validation of advanced driver assistance systems to  behavioral experiments on driver psychology. The software is modular and therefore offers a maximum of flexibility in the design of scenarios, with optimum use of available resources.

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