The Annotation Toolbox makes it easy to create the ground truth data necessary for the evaluation of algorithms.

Three levels of annotation are available:

  • Global annotation: Attributes are configured for the sequence as a whole.
  • Intervall annotation: Attributes are configured individually for segments of a sequence.
  • ROI annotation: Individual regions of interest (ROI) are selected in single frames of the sequence and their attributes are configured.

The attributes for all three annotation levels can be configured via XML files. Reference data can be stored in a SQL database (e.g. PostgreSQL or Oracle). Configurable keyboard shortcuts allow users to adapt the annotation tools to their individual preferences.

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The Evaluation Toolbox simplifies the analysis of the collected data:

  • Comparison between expected and actual values
  • Combination of input values using mathematical expressions
  • Calculation of error metrics
  • Statistical analysis
  • Visualization as tables and plots
  • Export into CSV files

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