Core functionality

  • Graphic configuration of modules (plugins) and their connections
  • Variation of parameters during operation
  • 1D, 2D, 3D visualization
  • Easy integration of new sensors (sensor plugins)
  • Integrated recording capability for any number of sensors
  • Online synchronization of data packages
  • Integration of user-specific software


The data processing is realized in ADAF by plugins. Sensor plugins serve as an interface to sensor hardware, processing plugins provide various algorithms for data processing and output plugins provide interfaces for data and result output. The parameterization of the individual plugins, as well as their connections to each other is done graphically in the user interface. The configurations are stored in an XML dialect.
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Processing graph

The input and output interfaces of plugins are called pins and allow data exchange between plugins. The connections model a data flow from the sensors to output and thereby control the execution order of plugins. The data flow can extend linearly or in parallel and / or branch out. A type-safety of pins avoids misconfiguration by incompatible connections. Plugins can be dynamically added or removed during operation.

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