Core functionality


  • Automatic scenario generation at run time
  • Randomized environment design allows unlimited long-term tests
  • Precise recording and playback of scenarios
  • Modular software design with optimal use of available resources
  • OpenGL-based rendering
  • Runs on standard PC
  • Internal update rate up to 1000 Hz


Road generation

  • Dynamic generation of road course at runtime
  • Randomized routes and environment generation for long-term tests
  • Optional use of preconfigured road courses
  • Configurable road surface textures
  • Flexible definition of road markings and lanes

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Traffic signs

  • Generation of traffic signs including additional signs
  • Dynamic-width gantries
  • Customizable set of traffic signs
  • Easy management of different traffic sign configurations (e.g. for different countries)

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  • Realistic and animated displayof pedestrians
  • Integration of arbitrary image sequences
  • Definition of the start of animation (relative to ego-vehicle position)
  • Placement of individual pedestrians, as well as randomized crowd scenes
  • Provision of reference data (object position as ROI and coordinates)

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  • Dynamic generation of realistic environments
  • Urban or rural environments
  • Available objects: trees, bushes, houses, street lights, billboards, guardrails
  • Randomized generation according to specified density

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