ADAF contains a software development kit (SDK) for C++ that enables users to build their own plugins. In this way new algorithms can be easily integrated into the ADAF environment and benefit from the many plugins that are already available:

  • Input data may be supplied by any supported sensor and may be preprocessed by other plugins.
  • Output data may also be processed by other plugins or may be evaluated with the Evaluation Toolbox.
  • Plugins may be used in different application profiles and are not restricted to a specific use case.

The developer has access to a multitude of ADAF features that are available via C++-APIs. These are, among others:

  • Classes for processing 2D and 3D data
  • Easy provision of configuration options in the user interface for direct manipulation of parameters, algorithms, etc.
  • Plotting functionality for visualization of results
  • Drawing functions for creating overlays on image data
  • Logging of information, special events, or error conditions
  • Library for access to the CAN bus and modeling of CAN messages and signals
  • Integration of custom GUI elements using the Qt framework

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