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Serialization allows precise recording for later playback of randomly generated scenarios. The use of XML also allows manual configuration. Serialization is modular, so that different parts of the scene (route, road signs, vehicles, etc.) separated from each other serialized, and can be reused in different combinations.
  • Precise serialization and deserialization of scenarios
  • Available for road, vehicles, road signs and surrounding objects
  • XML-based: allows manual modification
  • Modular: serializations can be combined (eg Road1 with TrafficSign2 etc.)

Batchmode Configurator

In batch mode, TRS runs through a series of defined automated test scenarios (e.g. different track geometries, country-specific traffic signs, etc.). These test scenarios can be defined and combined using the batch mode configurator.

  • Automated execution of different test scenarios
  • Allows definition of different parameter sets (e.g., track geometry, country-specific marker types, vehicle speeds, etc.)
  • Automatic display of combinatorial test cases (test harness)
  • Freely configurable termination criteria

Traffic sign catalog

The management of large sets of traffic signs via graphical interface with convenient filter mechanisms. Using the catalog, one can define new sets for traffic signs and integrate them in TRS.
  • Management of large inventory of traffic signs
  • Addition of new traffic signs
  • Filters and search criteria for the creation of subsets (country-specific, speed limits, etc.)
  • Automatic integration of the generated traffic sign datasets in TRS
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