Requirements engineering

Based on your requirements, we provide you with a concept for a solution. We rely on our experience with different sensors and hardware in various application areas. In case of your positive decision, we support your development in all phases of product development.

Feasibility studies

We evaluate technical issues and the development and production costs for your new product line. PC-based studies indicate the expected technical perfomance of the potential product. Further requirements for a successful product launch are analyzed and documented.

System design

Based on the our experience, we can efficiently answer questions about system design. The suggested project implementation is split into transparent phases. System performance assessment and the verification and validation of the product are taken into account.

Algorithm and application development

We support you developing new algorithms and porting them to embedded hardware including verification & validation both of individual algorithms and the complete system.

Prototype development

The development of product prototypes is efficiently supported by the means of NISYS software. Modular design and an easy-to-grasp SDK of NISYS software allow for quick integration of ready-made customer-specific components with new task-specific components. This also allows for easy integration of customer-specific sensor hardware.

Verification & validation

NISYS offers customer-specific solutions both during the development process and for production release.
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